GreenChem AdBlue: Cleaner vehicles

Chris Haynes, Managing Director, explains just why GreenChem AdBlue is driving a cleaner vehicle revolution

Vehicle operators throughout the public sector facing the new challenges of the Euro IV emissions legislation can be assured of nationwide availability of high quality supplies of AdBlue thanks to intensive efforts by GreenChem Solutions Ltd.

GreenChem is the only company which is solely dedicated to supplying AdBlue (and the only one to produce it in the UK), it has put together a nationwide network of distribution outlets based on fuel oil suppliers and also dealers for DAF Trucks and Mercedes Benz, Britain’s two leading truck suppliers, with which GreenChem has a Europe-wide supply agreement.

This means that vehicle operators can be assured of AdBlue supplies wherever they operate. Bearing in the mind that only small quantities of AdBlue are required (four per cent versus diesel) about 70 per cent of operators - and possibly more in the public sector will opt to have their AdBlue delivered in bulk.

GreenChem has developed a range of storage systems to meet their needs - in quantities from five litre cans to 15,000 litres and more.

In these early stages, many operators are utilising a 1,000 litre container (IBC), but for convenience and a better commercial proposition, bulk installations will be the way forward.

There is no investment required and the typical all inclusive price per litre for AdBlue supplied in bulk is around the 32p.

With over 200 UK locations in place by the end of 2006 from GreenChem itself, there is amply supply throughout the UK.

“Our dedicated and comprehensive service is attracting many large fleets to sign up with us and we anticipate being in the vanguard of supplying high quality AdBlue to many bus and truck operators”, says GreenChem’s UK Managing Director, Chris Haynes. “In a few months time filling up with AdBlue will be about as normal and easy as topping up with screen washer fluid.

“It’s just one more necessary liquid on a modern vehicle - but one which guarantees low emissions, thus helping the environment.

“Our website: www.adblue4you.com gives operators the ability to locate their nearest dealer or truck stop”.