Security services and equipment

Roy Dickson, Managing Director, DHB Security, outlines exactly what the company has to offer

DHB Security was formed in 1995. All officers are trained and licensed to comply with recent SIA Regulations.

As owner and operator of the company, I have some 15 years experience in the security industry and was a member of the armed forces for over 12 years.

Over recent years, work has been carried out for international companies with offices based in Paris and Texas.

Closer to home, clients have included the British Museum, National Heritage, power companies, local council, charities and major local area landowners.

We specialise in providing the following:

  • Man Guarding;
  • Mobile Patrols;
  • Key Holding;
  • Alarm Response.

Before taking on a contract, a survey of the client’s premises is carried out and we are constantly out on the field asking questions and discussing requirements with management, to ensure day-to-day requirements are dealt with - which leads to a good working relationship for both parties.

If there is a requirement for CCTV and/or alarms these can be arranged using a company with close links to DHB.

Whatever your security requirements the highly professional team at DHB are always on hand to answer any query you may have.

The staff at DHB always provide an unrivalled level of customer services because at DHB we never ask our customers to compromise.

For more information about DHB Security and to find out what we can offer you, please contact us on: Tel. 01482 897018; Mobile: 07885 810054; Website: