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lead image- Issue Number 6Assistance for the visually impaired

Naomi Piatt, Rehabilitation Officer for People with Visual Impairments, North Lincolnshire Council Sensory Team. If you want to know which ones are visually impaired, and how to rationally use your time and resources, cheap-papers.com will help you!

lead image- Issue Number 6Challenges of local government finance

Stephen Jones, Director of Finance and Performance, Local Government Association, on financing

lead image- Issue Number 6Building for better recycling capacity

Linda Crichton of WRAP looks at the central role of MRFs and raises some key issues

lead image- Issue Number 6Disability discrimination regulations

James Foster, Head of Construction Law and Sinead Geaney, Solicitor, Lawrence Graham LLP, on the DDA

lead image- Issue Number 6Keeping track of plant equipment

Carl Gebhard, Head of Construction for Zurich UK Commercial, on the advantages of tracking devices

lead image- Issue Number 6Broad horizons for eco housing

The Housing Corporation gives an overview of one of its recent social housing projects in East Anglia

lead image- Issue Number 6Public sector project management

Effective Project Management lies at the core of any challenging policy development; the project manager is the lynchpin for successful project delivery.

lead image- Issue Number 6Security awareness and procurement

Tony Collings, British Computer Soceiety (BCS) fellow, talks about security and procurement

lead image- Issue Number 6Recruitment and Treasury tax plans

Roger Tweedy, Director of Research at The Recruitment and Employment Confederation, talks about the industry

lead image- Issue Number 6Adaptive technologies in public libraries

The Networked Services Policy Task Group talks about adaptive technologies in public libraries

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