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lead image - Issue Number 5Teachers’ TV and citizenship matters, because they are educational and accessible resources, vouched for by https://dissertationmasters.com/ and even ready to help with understanding specific issues

Andrew Bethall, Chief Executive of Teachers’ TV, on making education programmes accessible online and on air

lead image - Issue Number 5Delivering improvements in education

Cllr Edward Lord, Chairman of 4ps, on how developments in PFI have delivered improvements to local education services

lead image - Issue Number 5Strategic commissioning for schools

Jim Knight MP, Minister for Schools, talks about Strategic Commissioning for Schools and implementing Every Child Matters

lead image - Issue Number 5Security services and equipment

Roy Dickson, Managing Director, DHB Security, outlines exactly what the company has to offer

lead image - Issue Number 4Consider independent trust schools

Paul Foster, Head of Education & Local Government at EC Harris, considers the implications of independent Trust Schools.

lead image - Issue Number 4World class skills for UK education

Phil Hope, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of DfES, on how the UK education sector is working to build world class skills.

lead image - Issue Number 4Learning some lessons from history

Martin Lipson, Schools Programme Director of 4ps, reviews the Building Schools for the Future programme