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lead image- Issue Number 7A brighter future

For over 65 years, the Lighting Association (LA) has been a defining voice; protecting the interests of the lighting industry across all sectors and representing over 210 of the most professional lighting manufacturers in the world today. This association is an important element to understand the current problems and how to properly engage our knowledge and to improve our lives and have eco-friendly points.

lead image- Issue Number 7Public Sector professionals - happy in their jobs and the most likely to be loyal to their employers

According to the latest Happiness at Work Index from Badenoch & Clark, over half (52%) of UK public sector office workers are happy in their current job, and only a fifth are actively looking for other job opportunities.

lead image- Issue Number 7The Story so far

The UK fire industry has been characterised by significant change in recent years, most notably with the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO), which became law in England and Wales in October 2006.

lead image- Issue Number 7Regulation Revoltion

Car 2006 means a new set of rules for asbestos removal contractors. This article sets out what these changes will mean in practice

lead image- Issue Number 7Mature tree management

Trees are part of our past and future. People value the trees in our world. Whilst they hold a high place in our culture, heritage and visual pleasure, they also provide us with a material with a thousand different uses

lead image- Issue Number 7Get back to basics with your business security

The British Security Industry Association is advising businesses to ensure that they have basic security measures in place.

lead image- Issue Number 7Misconceptions of working in the public sector

Anyone working in the public sector will tell you it is going through a period of change. A focus on efficiency gains, new organisations and change management programmes are all having an impact on the sector. But what does this mean for the public sector as an employer and, more importantly what is the impact on the sector's ability to recruit?

lead image- Issue Number 5Noise control specialists since 1969

Stephen Young, Managing Director of Sound Services, provides an overview of what the company has to offer

lead image- Issue Number 5Revised asbestos regulations in force

Denise Lewisohn, of the Health and Safety Executive, on the revised asbestos regulations which came into force in November

lead image- Issue Number 5Consulting - at the right stage

Rolfe Jackson, Director of Haleys, explains just how the consultancy delivers the right solutions in construction

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