First for telematics: Transtech Europe

Ian Hodges, Managing Director of Transtech Europe explains just what his company has to offer the transport sector

Transtech Europe Ltd has over 12 years of Telematics experience. It is based in Leicestershire and also supports the UK.

Anyone can start with Very Basic Data Loggers showing Start/Stop/Mileage (Private & Business) and then move on to Satellite Tracking & Electronic worksheets registering driver’s daily tasks with the option of Lone Working Security and Driver Security.

In cab CCTV is also beneficial for recording an all round view from the vehicle showing speed, braking, indicators blue lights etc, if needed for accident analysis, gathering evidence or looking at potential risks using a zoom or a 360 degree camera.

We have been dealing with the Emergency Services for over ten years, mainly the Fire Service for Accident Analysis when their vehicles are involved in an incident or a member of the public makes a complaint against the way a vehicle was driven.

Blackbox technology, data loggers, vehicle tracking solutions and onboard CCTV DVR with Blackbox have all been supplied in the emergency service arena.

Vehicle CCTV

We have installed CCTV DVR systems within the Fire Service that record the following:

  • View of the drive - forward facing showing the trip of the vehicle.
  • Rear positioned camera for reversing and constant record in case of an incident at the rear of the vehicle.
  • Point and zoom camera for aiming at potential risks or unfriendly behaviour towards the crew for evidence.
  • Screen for the crew to view from all or one of the cameras, on which:
  • Speed of vehicle displayed;
  • Blue lights on displayed;
  • Sirens on displayed;
  • Indicators left & right displayed;
  • Braking displayed;
  • Date/time water marked.
  • Software compatible with all makes of computer that uses USB for download. (Password protected).
  • The hard drive can be removed and swapped with a new hard drive within seconds if needed for evidence. Key locked!
  • The hard drive will last for many weeks and can wipe over older data if not wanted

Lone working and live tracking

We have many devices and types of vehicle tracking systems that range from covertly fitted within the vehicles using GPRS, and systems that can be tracked using Satellite Technology.

So you don’t ever have to worry about roaming costs or coverage, this will work throughout Europe, Middle East and also Africa.

We have two types of Lone working devices. The first is one is connected to the Vehicle Tracking system and can be activated remotely approximately 200 metres from the vehicle to send an alarm message back to the office, or you can have a panic alarm situated within the vehicle.

The other option is a hand held device that the user carries on their person, which has a built in GPS.

You can press a panic button that will go straight to a control room that is 24/7 or you can have another predefined telephone number.

Also, there is a memo function, so before you go into a building you can leave a voice memo that could say: “I am going into Flat 22 to see Mr Smith”. You can then put a timer on this, for example for 15 minutes. If you do not deactivate, the control room will have the memo flag up on their system which will replay your message.

Whatever protocol that you have in place will then been activated, which could be - contact office, or out of hours, the nearest security company or the Police. So there are many possibilities for staff to feel more secure when they are on their own.

We even have portable CCTV recording which will fit in your pocket and which is very popular with Taxi Firms when capturing Visual and Audio evidence.

Transtech Europe support

We cover all of the UK and we have on-site and Telephone support. For further information about Transtech Europe: Tel. 0870 428 7840; Email.