Developing our transport network

"There is no quick fix to Britain's transport challenges. The long-term solution lies in the sustained programme of investment and innovation." Foreword by Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP," The Future of Transport - White Paper 2004

Ten Alps Events proudly presents the premier national conference and exhibition of the transport sector, 'Integrated Transport 2007 - Developing our Transport Network'.

Now in its third consecutive year, this event will address the key issues of importance for developing the long-term growth and sustainability of the transport industry and its related networks, whilst looking to develop a modern, efficient and quality service.
Our annual 'Integrated Transport' event both identified and fulfilled a specific requirement in the marketplace.

Last year's event 'Integrated Transport 2006' Conference and Exhibition combined a main plenary with interactive panel sessions, best practice case studies and participative seminars, which addressed issues, such as: road pricing; sustainable transport; security; the utilisation of CCTV solutions; and parking and traffic management.

Chaired by Steve Lee, Head of Transportation for Surrey County Council, the event featured an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, with an emphasis on debating the key challenges facing the growth of the integrated transport network to 2015, and the vital contribution of instrumental players involved in taking this vision forward.

The main challenge for the sector remains the economic transformation of the transport network, addressing how to manage the increased dependency on public transport, and the continued demand of rising numbers of passengers on our railways, as debated in the session- Gridlock or Growth - the choices and challenges of the future.

The conference stressed the crucial role of IT in the UK market - encompassing OS MasterMap, intelligent transport systems, intelligent ticketing and emerging technologies - alongside the importance of issues such as, raising public confidence in the sector and prioritising customer care; central to the continuing growth and successful integration of the transport network.

Speakers of the day reflected these various content streams within the conference, and included such notable speakers as:

  • Archie Robinson, Chief Executive of the Highways Agency - giving his unique perspective on creating effective integrated transport;
  • Lord Faulkner of Worcester, Vice President Transport 2000;
  • Stephen Hammond MP, Shadow Transport Minister responsible for rail,
  • Adrian Lyons CBE, Director General of the Railway Forum;
  • Garrett Emmerson, Commissioner for Integrated Transport.

The main plenary also addressed transport devolution in Scotland, with Dr. Malcolm Reed, CBE, and Chief Executive of Transport Scotland leading the debate.

At 'Integrated Transport 2006', delegates enjoyed a varied and informative day, which drew together the independent strands of discussion, formulating a comprehensive overview of the future development requirements of the transport network.

Integrated Transport 2007

This year, the focus of debate includes the impact of the Eddington Transport Study on the UK transport network and the role of congestion charging and road pricing on both the industry and the passenger community.

With additional themes considering transport planning, air travel, sustainability, the use of intelligent transport technology and light and mass rapid transit.

This event promises to provide a lively and challenging day, influencing the strategic decision-making process of senior representatives from both the industry and public sector.

Thereby making an important contribution to the long-term vision for sustainable growth and development of the integrated national transport network.

Future events - coming up in 2007

  • Rail 2007’ - 17 May 2007 - Birmingham International Convention Centre
  • ‘Transport Scotland 2007’ - 30 October 2007 - Scottish Conference and Exhibition Centre, Glasgow
  • ‘Integrated Transport 2007’ - 27 November 2007 - Birmingham International Convention Centre

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