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Tennants Distribution Ltd summarises the AdBlue services that it has to offer

Vehicle operators investing in new commercial vehicles this year will, in the majority of cases, be looking for a supplier of Ad Blue.
While availability on the road is still developing, most operators are looking for an own depot solution so it may interest them to know that Tennants, a manufacturer of AdBlue and the UK's largest independent chemical distributor, can deliver AdBlue directly to them, as this essential chemical is available from all of its distribution centres.

AdBlue is an ultra pure solution of Urea, which fuels the catalyst on vehicles which are equipped with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

This system has been chosen as the solution to achieving Euro IV and V emission levels by the majority of commercial vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes, Volvo, DAF, IVECO and Renault.

Tennants are in partnership with Kemira GrowHow, a leading European fertilizer and Nitrogen chemical manufacturer with many years' experience in the manufacturing and handling of Urea.

Together they have the experience essential to manufacture and distribute consistently high quality AdBlue in a cost effective way. AdBlue produced by this partnership is sold under the brand name of Greenox.

Contrary to myths concerning farm animals, commercial Urea is produced synthetically. The main use for Urea is in fertilizers and chemical synthesis, but it is also used in various consumer products such as adhesives and cosmetics. Western European demand is around seven million tonnes per year and capacity for application as AdBlue is secure.

AdBlue can be produced in two ways. The Urea synthesis stream can be directly dissolved in pure water, or the Urea can be dried into solid form and then dissolved in pure water close to the market where the AdBlue is needed.
Both routes use strict quality control procedures to ensure that the AdBlue meets the DIN standard, as specified by the manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

For the UK, where there are no Urea plants, Greenox will be manufactured by the second route to save the logistical cost of importing large volumes of water.

Greenox manufacturing plants are already operating in Europe and construction of the UK's first plant is well under way, located on one of Tennants' main distribution sites. Further UK plants will be constructed as the number of vehicles increases.

How much will you need? AdBlue consumption is in proportion to diesel use and can be approximated as four per cent of the amount of fuel used for a Euro IV vehicle and six per cent for Euro V, though from experience gained with Tennants own fleet and customer feedback it is known that these figures are only for heavy duty work. For smaller vehicles the usage could be as low as one to two per cent

Greenox is supplied in package sizes from ten-litre poly cans to bulk tankers. Due to the low numbers of vehicles that will be operating for the next two years, most interest has been in 205 litre drums, 1000 litre IBCs and also small bulk tanks.

The method of transferring the AdBlue from storage to vehicle needs to be carefully considered as AdBlue is corrosive and incompatible with brass, mild steel and aluminium; metals found in many commercially available refuelling systems designed for diesel.

Crystallisation within unsuitable pumps can drastically shorten their working life. Greenox equipment is designed for use with AdBlue and thoroughly tested to ensure that the AdBlue does not become contaminated, helping to protect the expensive catalyst system.
Tennants has been supplying UK industry since 1797 and proudly remains an independent British company.

The company's current product portfolio includes well over 2,500 products and ranges from food and pharmaceutical ingredients to water treatment chemicals. The nature of these products and the ability to distribute them in a cost effective way gives Tennants a clear advantage when it comes to manufacturing and distributing AdBlue.

(r) Greenox is a registered trademark of Kemira GrowHow; (r) AdBlue is a registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie eV (VDA)

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