Total solution to stop fuel theft

Russell Fowler, CEO of Truck Protect, discusses simplifying the steps to stop fuel theft

With fuel theft a growing problem, many transport operators and hauliers are now taking pro-active steps to prevent themselves becoming victims of a crime that is already costing millions of pounds a year.

For most, the solution is to find and fit an anti-fuel theft device and the one they seem to prefer is the InstantFit NECK-IT device manufactured by TruckProtect Ltd.

This device not only works but does so without interfering with operational efficiency - an important factor with profit margins already tight and public service transport budgets under scrutiny.

So popular has the InstantFit NECK-IT become that TruckProtect sold over 10,000 units in its first full year of operation; many being sold to operators who fitted them to their entire fleet of several hundred vehicles at a time.

And while a few knew they had a problem with fuel theft, most did so as a preventive measure that made sound commercial sense. A closer look at the units helps to explain why.

The InstantFit NECK-IT unit fits all makes and models of commercial vehicle, including trucks, buses, coaches and specialist vehicles such as road sweepers.

Indeed, TruckProtect's ranges have just been made the preferred anti-siphon device for both Dennis Eagle and Johnston Sweepers.
Responding to customer demand there is now a LoPro version that has been specially designed for vehicles operating on the Continent whose fuel tanks are configured slightly differently.

All the devices are easy to fit, with no drilling, gluing or manual adjustment needed, and are fully transferable between vehicles.
Cost effective to use, they have no moving parts and are short enough to stop siphoning in upper tank levels. This makes them equally effective measures against both organised and opportunist thieves.

From an operational point of view, they can handle pump speeds up to 120 litres per minute without splashback, welling or spillage, are cheap to operate and capable of withstanding regular and prolonged use. Every unit is guaranteed for ten years.

If these characteristics were not enough to make the units attractive to public sector transport operators anxious to stop fuel theft, the company has now gone one step further with its recent product launch - of a new SenderStop device.

This protects the fuel tank's sender unit from siphoning and when fitted in conjunction with an InstantFit NECK-IT device, it ensures the fuel inside is fully protected from theft.

With its provision of the first ever complete solution to fuel theft from commercial vehicles, TruckProtect believes it has simplified matters for truck operators to the point at which they now have only one decision to make.

They can now stop fuel theft and potentially save a lot of money with a simple action, or take a chance and gamble with fuel thieves. With fuel prices rising and the black market growing, especially now boat owners can no longer buy cheap diesel legitimately, it seems likely the problem of fuel theft will get bigger.

As more operators fit anti-fuel theft devices to protect themselves, those that don't increase their chances of becoming victims, as thieves increasingly look for softer targets. When you compare and contrast the benefits versus costs it doesn't appear too difficult a decision after all.